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If you do not have a website for your business or are not happy with the one you have you can still have a professional mobile site to promote your business!

Obviously, if you are not pleased with your current site you don't want to generate a mobile one with the same look. If this is your situation you have two options open to you:

  • We can create a new standard site for your business and then integrate a new mobile site with it.
    With this option desktop, laptop and tablet visitors would be directed to your standard site and mobile visitors would automatically be directed to your mobile site. Both sites would be available under a single Domain Name (URL). and will share the same design features so your visitors will enjoy seamless integration. Since you usually will not know which type of device your visitors are using to search for your business, this is the best option to choose. With NetDzyne , by signing up for the yearly payment schedule for each site, you can actually get both sites for less than $45.00/month. Visit and see all the features that are included with our standard small business websites. Click on the "Signup Button" to start your 10 day free trial and see how quickly you can have a professional, affordable website to promote your business. Once your new standard site is ready, you can return to  NetDzyneMobile  and fill out the form on the "Getting Started
     " page to obtain your new fully integrated mobile site.  

  • We can create a mobile site for your business from scratch.
    With this option we will need you to provide us with the information to build your site from scratch. Using the email address below to send us any logo, color schemes or tag line associated with your business. Be sure to include the following:
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • Phone and/or fax numbers
    • email address
    • List of services including a short description where appropriate
    • Pictures you want on the site and the page you want them to appear on
    • Specials, events, announcements etc.

Mobile sites created from scratch will take a little longer to build, depending greatly how long it takes for us to receive the information. When the site is finished we could still send you the html code for your provider to install on your present site. Desktop, laptop and tablet users would be directed to your old site and mobile searchers would automatically be directed to your new mobile site.

A stand alone mobile site with no associated standard site would be set up in the exact same way. If you wish to target only mobile searches this option might work for you. 

If you have any questions contact us using the information below.

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