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Need a mobile site? Why not convert your site to all-in-one responsive site that gives you not only the mobile site you need but also an up to date full size and tablet site as well. With OneDzyne you not only get the latest in coding, but also a Google-Preferred website that is fully optimized for pagespeed!

Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?

  • Increase Your Customer Base
    Your customers are mobile, how about your business? Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to search for business information. The number of people browsing the web on their smartphones now exeeds those searching by all other devices combined!  By converting your desktop to a mobile-friendly website you can proactively reach out to new customers and expand your reach.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    While most websites can be found using mobile search engines, few are designed to be viewed on the small screens of mobile phones. Not only are they difficult to navigate, but many of the components may not even work on some mobile platforms. For example, anyone that accesses your site with an iPhone will not be able to view Flash displays.  

  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition
    Studies show that less than 2% of businesses have a mobile-friendly website, an amazing figure given that more that 50% of Google searches are now done on mobile. Instantly set yourself apart from your competition with a great looking mobile website to tap into the growing mobile market. Convert today!! 




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